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Dear Hospitality Entrepreneur,

In a perfect world, success in the hospitality industry would depend on your flair and passion, but in the real world, there is much more to running a business. In this sharply competitive industry, within which we operate, critical decisions must be made constantly in order to prevail.

Your successful business is a result of your sound decisions.

And your decision to join Pan Gregorian of America (PGA), a leading organization in the vibrant and innovative food service industry, will attest that it is the right decision.

Our mission is to support collaboration of Hospitality Buying Cooperatives and Restaurant Groups, coordinate their leverage capabilities and represent them individually or as a corporate entity in order to achieve measurable results.

We aim to deliver real returns for our members, by assessing the industry’s priorities and servicing them through partnerships with nationally recognized food service providers, government agencies and other associations and organizations.

In addition to better prices, manufacturer’s rebates and favorable market conditions, your restaurant group and consequently the restaurants-members will enjoy team support and services in all industries closely related to ours beyond any expectation.

Find out more about the specific Benefits or simply Become a Member today.

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What Our Clients Say?

“ Pangregorian of America keeps me informed on the most important issues regarding our industry. My membership allows me to be part of a unified voice that is closely listened to by my vendors and helps me achieve the lowest purchasing prices possible for all the products that I use in my business.

- George Michaels, Soho Kitchen